Our Work

Prairie Rose Project

The Prairie Rose wind tower project is located west of Hardwick, MN and was started in June of 2012 and completed over the course of 4 months. The concrete delivered to this project came out of our Edgerton plant located on the average 17 miles from the job site. A total of 119 tower foundations were completed hauling just under 42,000 yards of concrete for the project. During this 4 month project our surrounding plants located in Pipestone, Adrian, Slayton and Luverne, MN help cover jobs located in the Edgerton area to help make this project a success company wide. No injuries or accidents on the project also added to its success.

CAPX 2020 Project

Our participation in the “CAPX 2020” electric utility project stretched in three different directions from the Lyon County, MN substation (Just East of Marshall, MN). The first phase heads east approximately 40 plus miles toward Morgan, MN and the second phase headed west to the Brookings, SD substation approximately 60 miles of line and phase three headed north to the Granite Falls substation with 30 plus miles of line. During the course of time between 2013 and 2014 we poured 63,400 yards of concrete, building over 750 tower bases over 130 miles of line for the Aldridge Electric drilling company. During the extreme cold weather days we used heated sand and hot water and on the extreme hot days we added ice to keep concrete within specifications. The majority of the concrete was batched out of the Marshall, MN plant with some participation from our Lamberton, MN plant. Our part in the project was a success with no accidents and injuries.

Younglove Project